0,28" BSA pistol cartridge drawing


Found in a box containing many Eley factory drawings. I know little enough about this type of cartridge so my policy when choosing what to copy was having heard mention of something on here, personal interest and the notion of ‘why not’.

Is there any interest in having the drawings posted on here? I know they’re available elsewhere but I’m very happy to post them if the consensus is in favour.

Happy collecting, Peter


Peter–Any and all factory drawings would be interesting and useful to someone. Please post as many as possible. I, personally would like to see the drawings for any .45 caliber and larger Revolver cartridges, especially the .45 Colt drawing.


Did this calibre ever make it off the drawing board. I don’t think so. I believe it was a contender for the Webley MP pistol which never reached the production lines and they adopted the .32 Auto instead.

The Webley MP is an interesting pistol ( The MP stand for Metropolitan Police) you guys think the British police were not armed but for decades up to the 1950s London Police could draw on demand this small pocket pistol before going out on the beat. The police uniform had two large flap pockets on the front of the tunic and this pistol fitted into the front pocket.

It was withdrawn in the mid 1950s after a celebrated case called the Craig and Bentley case. A police officer PC Miles was (officially) shot by Craig during a robbery but the pathologist’s evidence suggested it must have been a much smaller calibre although it was all covered up. However, the withdrawl of the Webleys a year later rather indicated that those in authority knew otherwise.


Some specimens of the 28 BSA were made, as far as I know, as well as two other BSA calibers. However, contrary to the drawing, I believe none of them were headstamped. Some replicas were made either in Australia or by Kynamco of England; I have received differing stories on them. I have the .39 BSA Replica. They are headstamped so they won’t be taken for originals, as they are very well done. I wish I had been able to buy all three calibers, but at the time a German dealer had a few of each, I could not afford but one. Evidently, very few of the replicas in each caliber were made, making them very scarce, although in no way as desireable as the originals, of course. I know some people don’t care for replicas, but in some calibers, they are all that anyone can hope to have as a “drawer specimen.” I, personally, like them as long as they are identified as such in some way.