0,303" explosive bullet (drawing)


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From which year is the initial drawing ?


JP - Pomeroy’s original drawing of the bullet he submitted for testing in June 1916 is dated 3 June 1916. On 25 June 1916 500,000 bullets were ordered and Eley produced their first drawing No.452. This showed the use of the Brock bullet but filled instead with Pomeroy’s composition. There was no copper warhead in this design.

Due to prematures Pomeroy redesigned his bullet with the now familiar copper warhead and drew this in July 1916. Eley drawing No.457 that Peter shows is a copy of Pomeroy’s and was dated 24 July 1916. We know this because I have a copy of No.452 which is endorsed as replaced by No.457 on that date.

Drawing 457 was itself replaced by No.458 dated 3 August 1916. The only difference I can see is that the weight of the filled warhead has been added to 458 and is not shown on No.457. This is the drawing that was sealed as the Mark I bullet.

Drawing 458 was then replaced by No.463 on 12 September 1916, but I do not have a copy of this. I suspect this may be to do with the shape of the warhead.

The other drawings were all shown in my article on Pomeroy in the IAA Journal in 2007.