0,303" wooden ammunition box

This looks quite an interesting box;

I’ve not seen one with this type of opening before, is it unusual or have I just not been paying attention?

It’s for sale here;




Some information here: browningmgs.com/AmmoCans/Wood.htm

Vickers and Browning Wooden ammo box, WW I vintage. If it is Remington-Made, then most likely it was for .30caL Ammo.

The American Cases are of a “rougher” design, whilst the Vickers cases are better finished, and usually have a double hinge folding top and Two latches (one end, one side), so that the case can be "partially open(to feed belt) or fully opened(to insert full belt).

Also, the Vickers case (.303) is less wide, as the .303 cartridge is shorter than the OAL of a .30 cal cartridge.

The Latches are common to British, German Maxim, and US Maxim/Vickers/Browning Cases ( sprung press hook)

Can anyone supply good photos of the Latch itself (out of the Wood) and dimensions??? ( for building Movie prop ammo boxes to go with Vickers Guns…we have the timber, some measurements, Hinge3s, but no latches…

Nioce Photo, too bad the case is a bit decrepit.

Doc AV

While I’ve seen some unexpected things while collecting these boxes, I find it hard to identify this as a “.303” box, given that the “drawing number” is clearly stenciled on the front of the box. This is a late model .30 M1 (I’ve learned that you don’t say “.30-'06” on this forum!) as it doesn’t have the “slant cut” lower front corner, it has a canvas strap (vs leather) and of course the drawing number. Of course, .303 rounds would fit in it, esp. as a battlefield expedient. These boxes–although often discarded or used for firewood, were actually “unit assigned equipment” and did not generally come from the factory loaded with belts and ammunition, but the unit loaded and reloaded them using ammo delivered in the M1917 packing crate–which were “one time use” for the most part.

Over here, we can find these on ebay fairly regularly if you are watching.