0.5 inch Vickers STANDARD Semi AP Ten Round Packet Photos

From Facebook Cartridge Gram - Military Cartridges https://www.facebook.com/pg/Cartridge-Gram-Military-Cartridges-186732938737023/posts/?ref=page_internal comes some nice photos of a .5 inch Vickers ten round unopened packet:

STANDARD as defined by Tony Edwards = “Standard” rounds, i.e. calibration rounds against which production lots are fired for proof.




from your handle I guess you have an interest in the MMG of that name?
I can send some pics if you want,
contact me on my private email,

Not a STANDARD but interesting.

P.White collection

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These string tied packets were trialled? or tested in Australia. I got a packet from an ex-armourer’s son plus yellow tipped .280/30 and we had a rifle to trial these also. In the box of assorteds I found Musgrave .308 with proof holes, plastic .308 and 5.56 short-range, proof .303 cases ready to load, .38Spl with 9mm bunter headstamp, .455Rev with S for standard.
It was a good haul but 8 years ago. The .50 Vickers has the same date.

Question. Why does the label have a black stripe?


I’m expecting the .455 Standards case is from MQ and is a Mk 6.
MQ 42 S VI text

I’m trying to track down a .455 Standards Mk II, but as there were only a couple of hundred manufactured I’m not too hopeful.

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