06 match boxes

The Western has FA 60 MATCH fired cases, probably not correct, but like the canceled “IN CLIPS” on the Western box.
The Lake City has been opened but is full of unfired & unprimed LC 78 NM stamped brass cases. Is this late?
Just thought you 06 & Match collectors might like to see these, probably nothing new?


The original Western cases were very likely headstamped WCC with dates in the mid to late 1950s. The AMU used ammunition of this type for much of their competition before the 7.62MM became the cartridge de-jour. Below are examples of the 7.62mm cartons.

The LC carton is typical of unprimed Match cases made available to Militia units and civilians through the old DCM. Match grade bullets were also provided. That lot number, LC SP 2027 is one of the most common.