1 1/2" & 4 Ga. Flares

I have three NPE shotshells and I’m trying to determine their bore size. The dimensions of the first shell is 6 1/2" Long x 1 5/8" Base Diameter x 1 1/2" at the open end. This shell has a Copper base and Primer. There is NO headstamp. The shell is marked “Made In England” on the side of the heavy cardboard tube. The second & third shell’s dimension are: 4" Long x 1 1/8" Base Diameter x 1" at the open end. The shells has a Brass base and Primer. The headstamp on one is marked N. on top with a V on the bottom. The other one is marked U.P. & S on top with a V on the bottom. Both of these shells have “Made In England” printed on the side of the heavy cardboard tube. All three shells are a light Tan in color. Any help from you knowledgeable guy’s would be greatly appreciated.

The first one is 1 1/2. Flare or punt gun, I don’t know with the only info you give.

The two last ones are 4 gauge flares
It is JP & S and not NP & S


Hi JP,
Thanks for your information. Looking again at the headstamp on one of those 4 ga. shells, I can definitely now see that what I thought was a “U” is in fact, a “J” for J. Purdey & Sons. Again, thank you.

JP & Sons doesn’t mean J. Purdey & Sons.

But J. Pain & Sons

Hello JP,
Thanks again for your update. Were (are) J. Pain & Sons metallic cartridge makers as well or, just shotshells? Appreciate any info you might have on them. Happy Holidays!

Hello Ray,
JP & Sons were British flares manufacturers

I don’t think they manufactured their cases,but just loading them with pyrotechnics.

Don’t ask me too much info on British shells, it is the country I have less info on basic shells !


James Pain & Sons of London and Salisbury, Wiltshire, England produced flares and bird scaring cartridges. The firm had some 4-gauge shotshell size cases made that were headstamped “J. P. & S.”

Thanks for your helpful information. Happy Holidays!

How about a picture of the N headstamp?