1.1 inch AA shell new pic added

Here is all I have on this so far.
Case is 7 3/4 long
Primer end is 1 11/16 wide
Shell end of case is 1 1/8
Shell is 5 5/8 long
Diameter of shell is 1 1/8
OAL with projectile 12 3/16

Any Guesses?

WW2 vintage U.S. Navy 1.1 inch anti-aircraft gun shell casing.

Thanks John!

Any Idea of a value range?


A lot of the value will depend on what the projectile/fuze is. From that picture, that looks like a regular (not “Drill”) case, and one would assume fired. What is in the other end? I have seen many more Drill projectiles with the turned down copper rotating band and dummy fuze than actual HE/T versions with an inerted fuze. Would be great if it is the later and with original markings! Still have yet to see that…

Can you provide some more pics?


I will ask him Dave Thanks!

Finally got a pic of the projectile in question, He had a bad fall , then the forum went down. Oh well here it is

Thanks Steve F


That looks like a nice inert projectile with dummy fuze. Possibly a Target Practice?


Thank you Dave! Any Idea as to the value of the complete round?



Don’t really see that many out there to be able to put a price to it. I have seen the “Drill” rounds with reduced diameter rotating band and associated markings go for $50-$75 in the past. I would think a nice original case and projectile would bring a premium over that provided the case has no big dings, etc…