1.1" US Navy Mk I unfinished draw stage

I am leaving Miami and shall be in transit so can’t provide measurements. Any idea what this is? The step above the rim looks cool.

Did you check on the 1.1" US navy?

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It measures about 28x203 or 204mm. Is this a production draw stage? What are 4 notches at 12,3,6 and 9 o’clock? They are step-ups, they are higher than the rest of the headstamp face.

Vlad, the notches are tool marks, hard to say what technology and tooling was used back then.
Try to get hold of a 1.1" case and simply compare measurements and shoulder shape etc.

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Vlad, I dug up an image of a 1.1" case and compared it to your draw stage.
To my view you definately have a 1.1" there.

The original 1.1" is to the left. (source internet)

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Here is my new round side by side with a fired comfirmed 1.1" Navy, clearly shows the difference, it must be an un-finished one. I think I know why. Look at the top, there is an anomaly, it is probably a reject.

Rimless and semi-rimmed cartridges can have a rim in the draw stages. I’ve got several 50BMG as such.