1.1" USN Markings ID

Today I got a fired 1.1" USN case.

The headstamp is:

1.10 MK. I
75 CAL
[Anchor] R.R.A.

The primer is marked:

MKI9 MOD2 TEI 41#726

The case head has the following ink stampings:


Can anyone tell me the manufacturer of the case, primer or who loaded the case from these markings?

Thanks in advance for any info.


F.S.C. is the case manufacturer but I don’t know who that is.
Found only on WWII date naval cases. I hope someone can tell us who this was.

The 85 grams propellant is SPDN. S= Smokeless P= Powder D= Diphenylamine-stabilized N stands for nonhygroscopic.

The 28 grains Mk 19 Mod2 is filled with Army black powder.