1/2 scale 7.62x54r?


A pair of working half scale Mosin Nagants and ammunition were made for the son of Tsar Nicholas II. Pictures of him holding the rifle are floating around. I don’t think any of the ammo survived but are there any good pics of the ammo?


Your not thinking of the “5.2 x 34R Krown Prinz”, are you?


A 7.62 x 54 R half scale cartridge was made for these measuring 3,81 x 27 R and headstamped Л 99 I I.

I’m not sure if it was made for Nicholas II’s son (Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich); he was born on 12 August 1904.

The 5 x 34 R Kronprinz (5,2 x 34 R) was a miniature 6,5 x 54 R Mannlicher.


Thank you for the correction.


Fede, are any images of this cartridge available?


So would these have been made at the Petersburg plant or Lugansk?


Lugansk if the hs is given correct.


Headstamp indicates it was made at Lugansk.

I only have this drawing made from an specimen residing in a finnish collection. It is illustated in Suomalaiset Sotilaspatruunat 1918-1945 by Pitkänen and Simpanen.


Thanks for the diagram.