1.5 inch Flare Cartridge Marking

Unfortunately I don’t have a pic for ya, but I have been trying to work out who the British manufacturer is that used the marking B&SB. I have a number of L1A1 SLR accessories marked with this makers code and never managed to find out who they were.

Last weekend I was looking at some British 1.5 inch aluminum flare cases and found one of them marked in black ink B&SB on the base.

Dose anyone know who the manufacturer is?

I think it is Bulpitt & Sons Birmingham. Although they are best known for the .303 and other calibre chargers they made, they also made other military components. As they made aluminium cookware, it is quite likely they also made flare cases.


Hi Tony,

Thanks for the lead, I will mark this marking down as Bulpitt & Sons Ltd, Birmingham. One down, just another 12 to go… Any ideas?

ACL (7.62mm cartridge extractors)
E.E.W. (Mk. 1 Combo Tools for the L1A1 rifle in the 70’s)
H.B. (plastic cleaning brushes)
P.E (plastic cleaning kit containers circa 1985)
R E (plastic cleaning kit containers circa 1982)
R L (pullthrough weights)
SEW (pullthrough weights)
WRL (on early version rubber muzzle covers)
XCD (metal cleaning kit tins in the 70’s)