1" AP Projectile ID


I turned up this odd ball 1" projectile and have no idea what it was for, or who made it.

It is a brass carrier with a pointed steel core. The marks visible look like a seried of X’s. The base is concave and below the large groove visible in the picture, the brass base is almost exactly one inch in diameter.

Any input would be appreciated.


This bullet is from a “Cartridge Machine Gun Ball Nordenfelt 1 Inch Steel Mark IV”. See “British Small Arms Ammunition 1864-1938” P Labbett pg 113-114.

Not sure if the indentations on the bullet are a factory mark or from a hand tool - are they on both sides of the bullet or just one side?

Hope this helps.

This could be of interest:


Thanks for the information. It does appear, now that you mention it, that the markings are from handling with some sort of tool as they are on both sides.

Any suggestions as to what a fair price would be for me to offer the guy that has it? Although not really in my field, it is a neat looing item.


Those marks are where someone removed the projectile from the case using a bench vice. I have seen more projectiles damaged this way than I would like to remember.