1 Inch Aiming Rifle

I bought this 1 inch Aiming rifle.
The bullet is apparently made of cast steel.
Does anyone know him?
Thank you.

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Kings Norton Munitions (or Metals) Co. GB
Mark V M( Morris) aiming cartridge for 1" Aiming Rifle for Large Artillery Guns ( Land and Naval).
Cases reloadable…see threaded Primer with spanner slots.
Supplied to RN, and many other European Navies in 1880s to WWI

Doc AV

Kings Norton Metal Co.
King’s Norton,

Is their correct name and full address.

What do you think about the full steel bullet with the deep and wide groove?i


Yes that steel bullet is very unusual - I have seen hundreds of these and they are always lead. I can see no reason for it to be made of steel ?? as after all it was only ever a practice cartridge. Perhaps someone has replaced the projectile ??


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Further to my last - I attach pics of the two types (percussion and electric) from a 1911 War Office Treatise. Not no mention here of a steel bullet.
However the screw in type primer types were meant to be reloaded, So I can only guess that the incorrect steel bullet was out in by previous owner.
My thoughts only - I may be wrong !!!





In my opinion the “projectile” is most likely metal shop made or home made as a case stuffer.

Your photo below & slightly enlarged image, note the arrow pointing to file marks:


Firing this “projectile” without a driving band in an aiming gun would not be wise.



Here is another issue Aiming Rifle be Royal Laboratory
I had always wondered what kind of bullet that sucker

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Also by Kings Norton Metals Co. here is a MK IV with an electric primer.

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A few Eley drawings;


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Have the following information from researching a 1 inch Nordenfeldt aiming cartridge for a collector who owns this example:

Attribution: No agreement to publish the name of the owner.

The projectile is lead (my error and poor memory, thinking it was iron) and has the rifling marks of a fired round.

Attribution: Adrian BMF

“And below are two Nordenfeldt projectiles, both are sea recovered & their steel cores have almost completely corroded away.”

“The aiming tube was, in effect, the Morris tube’s big brother, an Elswick 1 inch aiming tube for a naval rifled breech loader.”

It was commented that there were hundreds, if not thousands of these projectiles, just off the coast of Portsmouth.


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“The aiming tube was, in effect, the Morris tube’s big brother, an Elswick 1 inch aiming tube for a naval rifled breech loader.”

I’ve never seen a photo of the actual device before - very interesting.

Do you happen to know the calibre of the gun that the aiming tube in the photo was designed to fit?

Hi Tony,
Unfortunately; I have no additional information on this Elswick.

I will try to make contact again with the owner and ask your question.

From a previous thread:


Jun 10

As orange said that is a 1"Aiming Rifle with it’s correct projectile. A nice dated Mk1V.
Later ones were used in 9.2", 6" and 12Pr 12Cwt Navy guns with a breech adaptor.


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The R arrow L 1885 1V case should have the jacketed Nordenfelt projectile.
The fired lead projectile is from an Aiming Rifle. Not used with this case.
Interesting to see the corrosion on those Nordenfelt projectiles.
I am still trying to find one with a projectile envelope mark.

Hi Ron3350,
Two of the Nordfeldt steel core projectiles have ^S on the base.

I’m not sure if this helps.


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An unmarked Nordenfelt & a steel core.
Didn’t know they were marked. I wonder who “S” was?
DSCN5085 DSCN5086

Hi Tony,
Have received the following:

"Elswick Aiming Rifle sub-calibre device for British 6 Inch QF Naval Guns. These are small breech loaders, themselves, meant to be inserted into the open breech of a 6" naval gun and loaded with a Vickers or Nordenfelt 1" calibre cartridge which has an identical trajectory for relatively short range (less than 2,000 yards) gunnery training.


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Your case seems to be an Eley Mk 1 case converted by R^L to Percussion Cordite Mk111. The N is for navy.

The ACCA Journals No 144 & 145 have an excellent article on 1" Aiming Rifle cartridges and show 53 different headstamps.

Many thanks!

Thanks for your note,I will definetly try and find those ACCA issues
Thanks again