1 Inch Flare Cartridges


Can someone tell me the maker of these four cartridges?
All are 1 Inch flares. I think N may be Nobel?
I have enjoyed the recent flare queries. Thanks.



Yes the “N” is Nobel’s.
sorry cant help with the others.


Hello Ron

The second cartridge is a signal cartridge Mk IV (1903-1915), manufactured by STANDARD FIREWORKS CROSLAND HILL in Scotland (not before1910).
The third cartridge is a Marine Signal Cartridge Mk VIII from 1936. The letter T indicates that it is a black powder propellant, the letter N stands for Navy. Manufacturer is also STANDARD FIREWORKS.
The last cartridge is a Mk V, manufactured by NOBEL’S DYNAMIT FACTORY in Ardeer, Scotland.

Best regards


Hi Ron,

The first one was made by M. Riley & Sons in Ossett, West Yorkshire.




Thank you all for identifying my flare makers.
I had them for years marked as unknowns. Ron.