1 Inch Flare Cartridges


Can someone tell me the maker of these four cartridges?
All are 1 Inch flares. I think N may be Nobel?
I have enjoyed the recent flare queries. Thanks.



Yes the “N” is Nobel’s.
sorry cant help with the others.


Hello Ron

The second cartridge is a signal cartridge Mk IV (1903-1915), manufactured by STANDARD FIREWORKS CROSLAND HILL in Scotland (not before1910).
The third cartridge is a Marine Signal Cartridge Mk VIII from 1936. The letter T indicates that it is a black powder propellant, the letter N stands for Navy. Manufacturer is also STANDARD FIREWORKS.
The last cartridge is a Mk V, manufactured by NOBEL’S DYNAMIT FACTORY in Ardeer, Scotland.

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Hi Ron,

The first one was made by M. Riley & Sons in Ossett, West Yorkshire.




Thank you all for identifying my flare makers.
I had them for years marked as unknowns. Ron.


Standard Fireworks, founded late 19th century, moved to Crosland Hill, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, ENGLAND, in 1910. (BROCK’S Fireworks, however, did, in their latter days, manufacture in Sanquhar, Scotland.)