1 Inch Maxim?

Could anyone help me with this cartridge?
1 Inch Maxim navy?
Why does it have the groove in the case?
Wich period of time it was produced?

The case is 25,4 x 111 R
There is no headstamp.

I have an (exceedingly faint - old fax) drawing of something similar, headed 25.4x112R Vickers. I believe it came form Bill Woodin, who presumably has one in his collection. The shoulder of the one in your pic looks sharper, though.

Dimensions on my drawing are: Rim 34.4mm, base 31.4mm, length to shoulder 63.5mm, length of neck 20.3mm, overall length 199mm.


Thanks for your reply.
This cartridge dimensions are: Rim 38.53mm, base 34.4mm, lenght to shoulder 93.16mm, overall length 169.17mm



I would like to put your photo in the next issue of The Cartridge Researcher (the ECRA bulletin) which I am currently compiling. One of the readers might know more. Is that OK and, if so, could you please email a high-resolution image of it to tony.williams-at-quarry.nildram.co.uk?


Check your mail Tony