1 inch Nordenfelt (?) ID


Within the Bill Fowler collection, there was a good assortment of 1" Aiming Rifle and Nordenfelt rounds.

This round has me puzzled. It has a semi-knurled rim (like a flare ctg would have) but is loaded with a steel projectile. The round is loaded.

Is it a ‘stuffer’ or something else?




Paul, I spoke back to Horst Thielbörger who wrote the book on European flare gun cartridges.

He told me the following:

This is a flare gun case (basing on the 1" Nordenfelt). The half-knurled rim is indicating a green signal.
As for the user there are two possibilities.

  • The likelier one is that this is the first production year for Norwegian flare gun cases (as Norway became an independent state in 1905). These were shortly made before Norway switched to 28mm (by making the Nordenfelt case straight by omitting the last draw for the case where the conical shape was formed).

  • The less likely but still possible is that this was made by Raufoss for Sweden who only later switched to a new case design of a straight 25mm case which was not related to the Nordenfelt anymore.

So what looks like a projectile here is a self made thingy (steel makes no sense anyways).

The case itself is a very scarce item.

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Thank you Alex. This makes perfect sense.


I bought these two this weekend and one of them also has the milled rim and steel projectile.
Don’t know if that helps at all. Minne is unmarked and soldered together it seems.

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Welcome to the Forum, good to have you here.

What is the length for both of the cases = ?

Both cases may be fired flare cartridges into which someone place Nordenfelt projectiles.


Thank you Brian !
The casing is 75mm in length.
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The length of a 1 inch Nordenfelt cartridge case is 95mm.


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These are stuffers.

The cases are for the 20mm subcaliber system M1879.
Projectiles are loaded separately.

Sorry my english is not that great, please explain what the meaning of “stuffers” are?
Are my cases and projectiles correct for the M1879 nordenfelt gun ?


“Stuffers” are cases and projectiles that got stuffed together by ignorant people. This happens very often where people who know nothing about ammo just stuff together cases and projectiles which fit together as per their diameter but never belonged together.

As said, what you gave there never belonged together!
The cases you show never had any projectiles as these are “separate loading” types and the projectiles used with them are 20mm!

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Do you have more info, photos etc of these 20mm M1879 sub-cal rounds and use?

Actually not, these cases are the first real items I have ever seen.

I guess these were for the navy but have no proof.

Alex, the 20 mm M1879 subcaliber used a separate ignition paper cartridge. Why do you think these cases were meant for this system?

Fede, I should have been more precise, it should be the M/79-27.

I do not know the original M1879 design.

I don’t think these are 20mm subcal cases. unless they have been cutdown and a smaller neck removed…20mm case, with 25.4mm (1") projectile, might look a bit different?

I am speaking of facts to be honest.
As I said they are separate loading.

Here the 20mm (!) subcaliber gun M1879.