1 Inch Nordenfelt Projectiles

I show two 1" Nordenfelt projectiles which look like Mk1V projectiles.
Some vandal has stripped the brass jacket off and I show a steel core.
It has the 6 groove cuts to stop the jacket from spinning around the core (I guess).
You seldom see this core as a separate item.
It weighs 6.2 oz. 178 grams . 2747 grains.
Complete projectile weighs 7.1 oz. 203 grams. 3133 grains.
Books say 3170 grains so a bit lighter than standard weight.



Ron, most likely you are right.

Thanks for these images, great to see the single core!

Have a colleague with a 1" Nordenfelt, that has a lead projectile…that; ‘may,’ not be original to the case. The projectile is a; ‘very,’ loose fit.

The projectile might have been; ‘made,’ at some point in time, to satisfy the; ‘lonely,’ cartridge case.

Is it possible to say that the projectile, shown above by Ron, would be the correct partner for this particular case, or is the current lead projectile correct?

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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The lead bt is for I" Aiming rifle ctg, same case different use.

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As orange said that is a 1"Aiming Rifle with it’s correct projectile. A nice dated Mk1V.
Later ones were used in 9.2", 6" and 12Pr 12Cwt Navy guns with a breech adaptor.

Many thanks to orange and ron3350 for your replies.

I have passed this information on to the owner of the Nordenfelt…who is most grateful.


As the projectile is fired is can not be original.
Nice to see a fired one in good condition.