1" jingles

Any one ever here of the 1" jingles and what the cartridge might be worth?

The common spelling is “Jingal” and the guns seem to be common to the period 1890-1920.

From Wikipedia:
"A jingal /ˈdʒɪn.ɡɔːl/, or gingall, (Hindi janjal) is a type of gun, usually a light piece mounted on a swivel; it sometimes takes the form of a heavy musket fired from a rest.

Frequently a form of wall gun either by design or use. The weapon was used by the Chinese and Indians in the 19th century, such as by the Taiping armies. This weapon figures in Kipling’s poem, The Grave of the Hundred Head."

I cannot tell anything about the cartridges, but that should at least point in the right direction.

The 1" is for the 1" chambered Gatling gun.

The wall and shoulder fired guns were the .75" Jingal & the .65" Jingal respectively.

The .65 & the 1" should be headstamped.