1" or 27mm ID


A group of friend have come across with a an interesting bullet in an small island in the Uruguayan cost.

Now we are having great discussions trying to identify it. The options are:

  • an 27mm that we can not identified, or,
  • An 1" Aiming Tube used for sub-calibre to training. Same case that 1" Nordenfield but with lead bullet. The difference in the bullet diameter could come from oxidation of the lead.

Come someone help in the ID of this unit?

Thanks much in advance

1 inch Aiming “Rifle” cartridge drawings with dimensions here: Eley 1 inch aiming rifle cartridges

Was the 1 inch Aiming Rifle/Tube ever produced in a model with a hollow base projectile?

I believe that this bullet was not for the Aiming Rifle but for the 1 inch Nordenfelt, which was of course the origin of the Aiming Rifle round.

In Labbett’s “British Small Arms & Ammunition 1864-1938” (pg 122) there is a drawing of a sectioned Nordenfelt lead bullet, which has a less-pointed nose than the AR bullet, plus is hollow with a wooden plug in the base (which the AR bullets never had).

In the same book on page 124 there is a page on the Nordenfelt “dummy drill” cartridge, which also meets the same description.

Really thank you Tony.

I will check with local collectors if they have this book, if not I will try to get one.

Best regards

There’s a good chance that the ogive of this recovered bullet isn’t quite what it was before firing. It’s likely that the cylindrical (or near cylindrical) portion of the bullet is longer now than before firing. Jack