1 Pdr USA Heavy Brass Stamping


I have this brass stamping for drawing the 1 Pdr Heavy or 37x137R Navy case. I think this is correct. Dated 1895.
Must have been part of a case stage set.

53mm Diameter. 23mm High. 4.5mm thick.



Can you provide the diameter and height of the draw cup?




Read my dimensions above. 53mm and 20mm.
I have had it for 20 years. It seems an unusual item from a draw set. Cheers.



Sorry, that’s what happens when one in is in a hurry!!!



SFM drawing showing first stamping-draw cup for 37mm:

A picture of a SFM display of mostly medium caliber cartridges and case production draw stages:


An interesting display - what’s the long round in the centre?