1 piece 7.92 Mauser Brass Charger

Can anyone ID these clips? They fit 5 7.62 NATO rounds, but that does not narrow it down much. 1 piece, no markings, non magnetic(brass, oxidized).

Most probably 1940s Turkish 7,9 clips. Very common in surplus Turkish ammo early 2000s.
Copy of German Imperial Clip WWI.

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They do look like Turkish 7.92 strippers, but they are usually brass colored. Do yours appear to the eye to be darkened in some way?

They have been sitting in the rain before I found them on a range. If I rub them, the oxide starts to come off. They do look darkened rather than oxidized, though.

Hi, photos from German ww1 take by me on the Bolante battleground in french Argonne in 2004 .
2004.04.11-048 2004.04.11-049
They are allways in the forest …
Bsrg, Dan

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Very cool!

These are m’04 Ohne Feder (without spring) chargers, an attempt by the German military to make their chargers both lighter and cheaper. German ones are well made and almost always marked by the manufacturer on the outsde of the body. Turkish chargers seem to have never been marked and vary greatly in quality, some are as well made as their German cousins, others are much more crudely done.



The design was a failure, it’s too flexible to allow reliable charging of the magazine, especially in a hurry, the edges are sharp and can cut skin but worse, it doesn’t reliably hold cartridges once they’re out of the bulk package. They were rapidly withdrawn just after the outbreak of the 1914-18 war and replaced with the m’98 two-piece charger they were meant to replace.

It’s a curiousity that both France and Britain later experimented with a one-piece charger, with similar results … showing that very little notice is taken of history.


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These are German WW1 one-piece clips, introduced in 1904.
The name was Ladestreifen o/F “ohne Feder” (without spring).
In 1914 changed from brass to iron. The troops complained about these clips. They did not get the cartridges from the clips or they fall of by themselves. They were replaced by a clip with a spring.

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