1 year old

  • In a few days this new IAA forum is going to be already 1 year old. It’s been a great achievement for all the IAA members and another collectors who have the same common hobby. I would like to thank to all the persons who have worked making this IAA forum so great and interesting. Liviu 12/22/07


I have certainly learned much more about cartridges through this forum then I ever would have anywhere else. I read it every day without fail.

  • @ Falcon: Nobody has an absolute knowledge and it’s always something new to be learned. What is most important, we do learn from each other. Liviu 12/22/07



And when you say “all the persons who have worked making this IAA forum so great and interesting…” I include you in that group.


Well, I 4th, that! The forum rocks as do all the members and the dedicated IAA staff. I was introduced to the IAA and the forum about a month after the forum was created, by CSAEOD. I’ve been hooked ever since and have learned SO MUCH about SO MUCH!


Funny how I remember being on the forum at the time when the “Most users ever online” happened (29th June 2007) at 6:31 PM. In UK time this would have been just after I got back from my school prom (that I was bugged into going to). It was around midnight here. I remember being tired but still reading all the new posts. Damn them keeping me away from cartridge related matters for the prom!!

OK Falcon, you are in need of some serious talking to. During my US Navy days I learned that there are only three things in life that are important. Beer, girls, and . . . OK, only two. Since you are not old enough to drink beer . . .

Rick and Randy will vouch for me, I hope. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not I put the two in the correct order of importance. The order of importance will change from time to time however.


I never even got to dance with the girl I liked…so I could have saved my 10 pounds for the ticket AND read the forum during the day!!


I think the beer/girl order of importance thing was relative to the time at sea divided by the number of days elapsed since payday. As I recall, and this was told to me, the girls would become much more beautiful as the beer consumption increased. Considering I spent all my time on liberty in museums and churches, I can only offer this as secondhand info.


Even though I don’t have the knowledge base, or the research material to contribute much, I faithfully read the forum every day and sometimes 2x a day. As quote “I have learned so much in the last year” it surprises even me, and when I learned how to copy and paste some of the remarks for my own little reference book it became even better, yes I keep the name of the presenter on the remark and stay away from pictures like a good educator. Thanks and have a happy holiday Vic

The beer/girl debate has nothing but got me into trouble in another day long past.

For those interested in how our Forum has done in the last year+, here are the board statistics:

Number of posts: 20058 Posts per day: 50.76
Number of topics: 2693 Topics per day: 6.81
Number of users: 547
Board started: Sun Nov 26, 2006 9:20 pm

Wow! That is awesome! Big numbers! Next year will be insane :-) Thanks Ron for the great statistics. Can you tell how many views have all the threads combined equaled? So many people that are not members find the forum from Google searches which gives great exposure to the IAA and the vast knowledge base of its members on so many subjects. The forum rules!


Jason–No, the staticts part of the Forum (available only to Admin.) does not track views, but it would be several hundred thousand.

Several hundred thousand! WOW! That is awesome! Thanks Ron


All I can say to the above posts is “Yeay, verily, Yeay”— with apologies to the late Danny Kaye, in “the Court Jester”…now that really dates me…I saw it in first release…and remember it like it was yesterday…now what did i Post five minutes ago…

Happy Birthday, IAA Board,
and many good years to come.

Regards, and Happy New Year,
Doc AV
AV Ballistics…cartridge collector since before 1966. (can’t remember how much before…)

Don’t forget… this is your board. As the R&D dude, repairman, builder, ax man, weed whacker and technician for the forum… I (more like we the forum stearing committee) am always open for improvements and suggestions. This is your all’s board. If you have ideas or would like to see something on the board, let me (us) know. Granted we vet every suggestion… but we listen.
We have the BS&T forum up now. And if we get busy enough, who knows, maybe we’ll split the main discussion into different categories… but that’s one of the least favorite ideas or host photos.
A lot has gone on in the background to make it a good user experience. To the best of my knowledge, there hasn’t been a single smut posting since maybe the 1st month. It’s a tedious and arduous, but a lot of spam registrations are vetted every day, thus preventing obnoxious “enhancement” posts.
As a young(er) collector, I truly value to data dump that goes into this board.
I hope everyone has a good new year and we continue to make this forum, web site and association ROCK ON into the future.