10.15x61R Jarmann Harpoon Blank

I just obtained a 10.15x61R Jarmann Harpoon blank and according to my source it’s use was begun in 1928. Why does my cartridge have the date 1900 on it and it does not appear to be a reload it is too clean and sharp. the head stamp reads 19 | PR | 00 | S thanks vic

Vic, I have opened several cans containing these propelling cartridges for the norwegian Rednings og fangstgevær M/28 and there were various headstamps, including (crown) / R P / (crown) / 00 /, 19 / R P / 00 / 2 /, 19 / R P / 00 / 3 /, 19 / R P / 00 / 4 / and two size variations of the X headstamp. It seems that only military cases from late 1890’s to 1900 were used.

Fede: Where the loads then reloads or never used brass? Mine does not seem to be worked over it looks to clean! Thanks Vic

Many European Countries (the Smaller Ones) commonly re-used their old BP ammo by dismantling the original Ball loads for later applications, as well as using up old stocks of unfilled shell casings.

The practice of Making large quantities of (empty) BP Cases for later “Filling” was common in all cartridge factories, and even carried over into Smokeless case manufacture, at least before WW I.

If this is the situation with the 10,15 Jarmann, the disparity of dates seems to confirm this idea, and the later introduction of the M28 Blanks wrt to dated cases.

Other Examples are Portugal, which made 8x56R Krop. Blanks into the late 1930s using c.1900 cases of both GR and AE manufacture, and these cases seem "NEW " even though the brass may have been “Pickled” before re-use (to eliminate any “cracked” cases. Can’t tell after the "Pickling " whether they were New cases, Once-fired cases, or broken-down Ball cases.

Doc AV
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Goggled up a photo of the M28 harpoon gun and it is a line thrower. Why call it a harpoon gun?Iit has a light line canister which attaches to the forearm?

Vic: The Norwegian designation Fede has cited for this cartridge appears to indicate it had a dual-purpose use for communication and (probably) use with a harpoon. As a propelling charge it could probably fulfill both purposes I’m thinking. Jack

Jarmann M28 harpoon guns were of Danish fishermen used to hunt seals.
Here is a picture of a Jarmann M28 harpoon guns

I’ve a number of these with off-white paper stickers attached to the base, and fully covering the headstamp plus the primer. They are printed with “1.6”, or “1,8”, or “2”, or “2.3” in blue. Not sure if they come out of the tins with these stickers as the tins are labeled with the load, or if some other packaging exists for these.

Also have a number without the stickers, and those don’t appear to have ever had stickers.

Also I see shellack or varnish on some mouths and some without a mouth sealant, plus some with or without a smooth cannelure near the mouth (1/8" to 1/4" cannelure placement)

These seem to go on forever with a large number of variations.

The ones without the stickers usually have the load designation written on the case body in red color ([color=#FF0000]2 gr[/color]).