10.15x61R Jarmann harpoonblanks

The 06 blanks are common stuff but what are the bigger cartridges?? Maybe something that one of you guys will want to bid on??


auctionarms.com/search/displ … um=8786479

The large ones are 10.15x61R Jarmann harpoonblanks.

Thanks Orange.

So, under that paper seal is a regular primer?


how many kinks of harpoonlauncher cartridges based on the 10,15 mm Jarmann case do exist?
I knew a short version based on the jarmann case cut down

There are three main types of these blanks. In addition to the long one pictured, there are two short ones; one brass and one plastic.

I don’t have too much knowledge on them, but I think they were used as propulsive blanks in Jarmann and Remington rifles rebuilt as harpoon and line throwing guns at Kongsberg V

The “sticker” over the primer is often found with a rubber stamp indicating the “load”. 1.6, 1.8, 2, and 2.3 are loads I’m aware of.