10.2 x 94 Jaguar

The long range shooting bug is everywhere and I traded this from another collector last week. The case has a steel (magnetic) base. The case is laser etched with the following:

10,2 x 94 Jaguar
Long Range Shooting Next Level

The bullet is also laser etched with the website address, (German Precision Rifles) but the website is not active yet. Can anyone provide more info on this?

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Hi Dan,

It was made by Jaguar in 2012 for a GPR prototype rifle with interchangeable barrels in .50 Cal. (12.7x99), 10.2x94 Jaguar, and .700 Jaguar Subsonic. The case of the 10.2x94 is based on the .50 Cal. and there are examples made of stainless steel (with steel base) or brass. Bullet is a Jaguar Sport copper solid that weighs 30.4 g (469 gr).



Thanks Fede. Is there a picture somewhere of what the 700 Jaguar looked like?

From left to right: 700 Jaguar Subsonic sectioned and empty case, copper 96,5 g, brass 91 g, copper expanding 83 g, and .223 Remington.

I should add that the development of these cartridges should be earlier than 2012, because a bullet chart published by Jaguar in 2009 includes the 10.2x94 bullet.

Hi Daan,
following two pics.
First are the Cr-Ni-steel cases in .700 Subsonic, 10,2x94 and .50 BMG, the 8x57 IS is for size comparision
Second the .700 Cr-Ni-steel case, solid brass bullet, solid copper bullet, solid copper hollow point bullet and on the right a sectioned .700 Subsonic case with solid copper HP bullet.

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Great! Nice to see pictures of real examples. Thanks for sharing.

Any markings?

No sorry, no headstamps and no other markings