10.4 Glisenti headstamp ID


On 10.4 Glisenti the initials LN C with various dates, 31 to 35.
The C would be for the Italian Government Arsenal at Capua
Is the L N for the Cheif Inspector of the Arsenal and has he been identified.



The Italian Inspector using the initials “LN” on headstamps has been identified. There seem to have been two different men with the same initials. Lino Neri, at Capua from 1905 until 1910, Leggiadore Nicola, at Capua from 1916 until 1934. Regarding the first one, the name is confusing to me and my poor Italian. I am not sure if his name was Lino, Neri (that is, Neri Lino), or Lino Neri. It strikes me that either name could be a first or last name. The second name is given in the Italian fashion, last name first (so in our system, he is Nicola Leggiadore) Reference: “Culots de Munitions Atlas, Tome 1,” by Serge Jorion and Dr. Philippe Regenstreif.


The correct name is Nicola Leggiadore, Pirotecnico di Capua 1914-35. The use of last name before of the first, is an old military habit.
Regarding Lino Neri the first name is “Lino”


Thank you gentlemen, another blank space filled.