10.4 glisenti with unusual bullet

Hi friends,
Please look at the first cartridge in the first picture.It has the same rim and base diameters than the 10.4 Glisenti but it Has an almost odd shaped bullet.The case lenght is 21.08 mm ( base and rim diameters are,respectevely 12.00 & 13.19 mm).OAL is 32.92 mm.I hadn’t find another revolver cartridge with similar dimensional data so I can only think that it is an Italian ordnance,maybe a civilian load.What do you think about it?


From left to right:the cartridge we are talking about ( no HS),standard military lead bullet load,civilian load by fiocchi with FMJ bullet,military load with FMJ bullet

Here’s a picture with the rim of this strange round compared to the rim of a standard military round (lead bullet load)