10,4 mm Baenziger reload

Could someone date this baezinger reload?
The original case was made by DWM
The new primer (for shotshell cases) is headstamped “VIS BREVETTATO”,an italian one

Hi Pivi
It is funny to reload a riffle ctge with a shotshell primer, but it is very common in Italy because of shortage of ammo after WWII.
The fact the primer is hstped VIS BREVETTATO prooves it is not very old.

I forgot to tell you I have even seen shotshells reloded with 9 para or 30 carbine cases !

There is a lot of strange stuff around.
I have seen 12mm/36 gauge cases made from 6,5 carcano and 303 british ammo or 20 gauge cases from 12,7 mm Breda MG cartridges!!
Here you could find military rifle cases and cartridges every where shortly after the WWII and then converting these cases to shotshells was an inexpensive work