10.4 Vetterli & 7.5 GP1890 pocket boxes

The graal of Swiss ammunition pocket boxes!
Tin boxes still sealed!


Great finds! Thanks for sharing.

Now you need to find the rifles matching these boxes…



Jean-Francois, great boxes, thank you for sharing!
Do similar ones exist for revolver cartridges?

Very neat.
Would the 10.4 have held three of the string tided paper packets?
How were they packed inside?

Nice packaging samples! Below is a more modern tin 7.5 x 55 Gewehrpatronen 11 can, dating from December 1951 and presented in four languages, German, French, Italian, and at the bottom, which I believe to be Romanesque, but am not sure.

I got this can empty, and kept more for transporting loose specimens that as a part of my collection, since I don’t do these rifle calibers. The can held 24 rounds for the Schmidt Rubin Model 1911 rifle. They were the emergency ammunition allotment kept at home or brought to regular meetings or special events on active duty, and were subject to inspection, as they were to be retained only for emergency use, to give each soldier enough ammunition (hopefully) to serve his needs until he got get a full issue.

The box is aluminum and has a hinged top that opens from left to right.

My Italian is too poor to give a translation, although I can read enough so that I know what the box was for, and have mentioned it above.

John Moss


Alex, never heard of tin pocket ammo boxes for revolver!
Pete, I will probably not open the boxes! Both contains 3 packages of 10 rounds!
Fédé, come to Switzerland and we can start the hunt for the lost rifles…

Is that because the officers were all “full time” serving and not part of the “armed reserve”.

A normal box.

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Willem, thanks!
Maybe there are older ones too?

An interesting question is;

What kind of unit from the Swiss army need „Taschenmunition“ from a Mod 1882 Revolver.

This box was made in 1971.

Some older ones

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I was looking for something else in my box collection, and found the below-pictured box of emergency self-defense “Taschenmunition” for the 9 mm Pistolenpatrone 41. Note the box is for 24 rounds, while the normal issue box is usually for 16 rounds, although they are found for 24 also, and more current boxes are often for 50 rounds… Both the Luger pistols and the SIG SP47/8 (Commercially: P210) pistol have magazine capacities of 8 rounds.

“Diese Taschenmunition ist ausschliesatlich für den Selbstschutz” (This Pocketmunition is exclusively for self-defense)." was issued to remain with the pistol until such time as there was an emergency. Swiss Soldiers retained their individual arms at their homes, and the purpose was to give them a guaranteed, if small, allowance of ammunition to protect them during the process of assembling into their units at the time of a national emergency.

This is a full, sealed packet. I don’t guarantee the headstamp, but it is likely T 8 T 78, judging from the label information. Shown is the top label and one of the side labels explaining the basis of issue. The side and bottom labels are the same, except each is in a different language, German, French and Italian.

Edited to clarify comments about normal box capacity for Swiss 9 x 19 mm boxes.

John Moss



Thanks Harrie

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