10.4mm Swiss vetterli ammo

I think it’s material is very interesting,this is the first copper rimfire catridge case I get,It’s color is very similar to Chinese copper plated steel case,and I wonder the special headstamp on the bottom of the case.by the way,I wonder when did brass case replace the copper case.

The headstamp is from one of the several Swiss Arsenals. And copper is a very common material for rimfires being a softer material than brass and brass rimfire case manufacture is relatively new… And in the 10.4 Swiss I’m aware of only two companies who made brass cases Leon Beaux (Italian) & J. Stahel (Swiss manufacture). I don’t think the brass case ever replaced the copper case, only that two makers used it.

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Got this from a gent who is having problems getting back on the forum

The early rimfires used copper almost universally as case material because nearly all priming compounds of the day contained fulminate of mercury. The mercury in this compound will react with the zinc in brass, weakening the brass and reducing the brisance (which I assume is correct in this context) of the priming compound by removing mercury from the explosive reaction. This is the reason UMC in its brass primers lacquered the inner surface of the primer cup to isolate the compound from the brass. Once fulminate was removed from most priming compounds in the 1920s .22 rimfires began using brass cases. Bob


Slight change in topic but does anyone know what the various number of ‘dots’, and no ‘dots’ represent on these Swiss rounds?


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Thanks a lot,Mr. PetedeCoux.

believe the dots code to a specific Arsenal.

edited to add = wrong see below


I was told a long time ago that these dots were an identification for the machine who made the case.
Unfortunately, I have no documentation.


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In Michael am Rhyn’s book Cartridge headstamps of Switzerland 1867-1985 on pages 29 & 30 he shows a number of variation, including some “nicht belegt” not known?
All of the design in question are by MFT so you are very probably correct they note machine or production line

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Agree with you,no documentation,but long ago have been told the same.


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