10.4x38mm Swiss Rimfire (.41 Swiss)

I’m working on recreating the basic black powder loads for my Swiss Vetterli (spare bolt converted to centerfire) and I want to try to duplicate the original projectile which I think was a heeled bullet. I plan on using my mill to make a bullet mold and I hate to tear down any original swiss rounds so I was hoping someone might have drawings of the original projectile specs so I can see the dimensions.


Michael- Check out the site http://castboolits.gunloads.com/ and I think they have a lot of info on the .41 Swiss.

It is an excellent source of info on old bullet molds as well, and the folks who hang out there can probaby help you out from their own experience doing similar projects.

A possible site to check: militaryrifles.com/Switzerla … oting.html

I have seen both of the sites above and enjoy what I learn over at castboolits.

What I would really like is original drawings of the cartridge including the profile dimensions of the projectile. Yes, I want it for reloading but I also like to collect these type of drawings for anything I collect/shoot.

You guys can thank my friend Gerald Morris (Lotsaammo) on this site for getting me hopelessly addicted to collecting anything ammo/guns related. It’s not good enough to just collect a particular caliber, I also want to know who designed it, what powders were used through the years and what drawings are still available.

Thanks again,

Maybe our friends across the pond may come up with a drawing?

Michael, here is a drawing of an example of a bullet for the 10.4x38R centerfire cartridge as made by SFM in the 1920’s. Regards, Fede.