10,4x38R Vetterli steel bullet?

Some days ago I received some 10,4x38R Vetterli cartridges.
One of these cartridges has a steel bullet with a paper patch is inside the case.
I have never seen this type before or can’t find this type in my books.

All info is welcome.

Thanks in advance,


While I know very little about Vetterli cartridges there is information out there. One source that I can come up with at the moment that mentions steel core and steel jacketed projectiles (Stahlmantelgeschosse) is the ECRA web page on Swiss ammunition which you can view here: ch-munition.ch/

Look under the section on Vetterli cartridges.


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“History of SAA vol 1” Hoyem shows a RN steel bt and mentions a pointed one listed as experimental AP.

Brian and ORANGE thanks for the info. Helped me a lot.

Kind regards