10.4x47R Italian Vetterli ID

Please help identify a 10.4x47R Italian Vetterli cartridge. Headstamp is “V.S” at 12 o’clock, a 5-pointed star at 3 o’clock and “C-92” at 6 o’clock. Italian? manufactured in 1892? Any info would be helpful.


Yes, it’s 100% Italian. No books or files handy, but the VS is the initials of the govt. ammunition inspector, and the C is for Capua Arsenal.

The star means that it has a berdan primer

Yes, it was made in 1892

Many thanks gentlemen!


The inspector using the initials “V.Z.” is shown as “Unknown” on an Italian list of inspector’s initials, but it is noted to be only zeen on 1892-manufacture cartridges from Capua.