10.5 French Rimfire

Recently, I had the pleasure of examining a very fine pair of LePage rimfire conversion pistols. They were originally (?) percussion and converted to rimfires. The pistols were top quality and broke open with the chamber opening to the right. They are heavily engraved with the engraving being excellent, but not the top or Royal quality. On the frame, they were marked LePage, maker to the King (in French of coarse).

They are definately rimfire guns by the location of the firing pins. The problem comes from the calibre. It is 10.5 mm Rimfire. This is a cartridge that I am totally unfamiliar with, and I collect European rimfires. Jean-Pierre, have you ever seen a French rimfire of this calibre? The rim will be small and similar to earlier Floberts based on an examination of the back of the chamber. Extraction would have been by a tool, as there are two very small extractor grooves cut into the back of the barrel face where the cartridge head would sit.

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated by myself and the gun owners.


no idea.
the guy could make a mold of the chambers.
We would have at least an idea of the case length and case diameter