10.6 german ordnance revolver ammunition

HAs anyone seen any of the subject ammunition forf sale anywhere? Ive been trying to find a few rounds for a friend to accompany his Pistol/Holster.; HAve not found even one anywhere! Thx John Guenther

John, it’s quite common to meet at ECRA meetings - 3Y ago at Holland I have bought a bag of really nice Spandau rounds dated 1912-14 for 5E each (no box unfortunately) - for my M1879. Usual price is 10E/round. Even more than 100Y old cartridges - I have tried one cylinder - works still well :-).

Trabi_Fun is correct.

You see them once a wile on ECRA shows.
But they are not cheap.

Here is a box label from Ingolstadt


Thx Dutch and Trabi! I tolod my friend for whom Im trying to locate these rounds taht I hadnt seen them in a long time. Officially Production stopped around 1939 I think. Maybe a one time production in the 1970-1990 timeframe I read somewhere. The Pistols if in Good condition should still operate. Ammunition is as you’ve noted scarce in USA and shows up occassionally in europe. I was reading several articles on how to "MAke/Load ammunition for this and teh French 11 MM revolver rounds. Seems like the 10.6 might be made from 44 Smith and Wesson - Russian cases. I have made shootable ammunition before for old obsolete thi9ngs so may simply speak to my freidn and see if Reproduction Dummy ammunition would be acceptable. I could tuen off tnhe headstamp on lathe I guess but simply prefer seating a proper bullet in the case with no prumer or powder sinc ewhat hes after is display. Might even be able to ":Age the whole, thing and stamp Dummy on side! TBD thx to all.