10.67 x ? mmR Russian Dummy ? Drill ? Sectional Drawing, 1884

While looking for images (no, I cannot read the text) in the pages of a shooting manual from Russia, dated 1884, I came across the image of a sectioned cartridge. In this situation taking into account artistic license, I assume it is a 10.67mm (10.67x58mmR? or 10.67x47mmR carbine? or ?) drill or dummy round. The aspect of this drawing that I find most interesting is the complexity of the cartridge. It appears to have a long rod extending from the primer pocket well into the cartridge case and long spring running from the inside base to the bottom of the oddly shaped bullet(?). The complexity of this cartridge sort of reminds me of a Hollifield Dotter cartridge http://cartridgecollectors.org/cartridge-of-the-month/30-06-Hollifield-Dotter or some later date drill cartridges that have an internal spring.

The title page from the manual and the cartridge drawing in question are shown below

Online copy of the manual can be viewed here (click on the link, then place your cursor on the book image and a VIEW tab will appear. Click on the view tab. My computer virus protection will not allow a download of the pdf):

Any info, thoughts or ideas please post them!



It is a Snap cap specially made for trigger training.
It protects the firing pin from the metal stress caused by empty chamber dry firing…the spring absorbs the FP forward momentum so that in the bolt head it does not slam into the internal cone of the FP channel.

Very ingenious device…prabaly patterned on British shotgun snap caps to protect the hammers from breaking.
Also to note that all the engineering and machine tools for the Berdan II rifle were done by Greenwood and Bately of Leeds, and the first Machinery proving lot of rifles was done by BSA prior to delivery to Tula.

Should get the Russian text translated…it is rather old
Russian (1880s) so an appropriate pre WWI dictionary may be needed…as well as an ordnance terminology dictionary.
Great report.
Doc AV

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I agree with DocAV4901 it looks to be a snap cap & great find Brian, thanks

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Brian, sure you mean 10.67mm.

Here some variations.
These were basically combined dummies / snap caps.
Images are all from the web.

67x57R_dummy_variants_Russia%20(1) 67x57R_Berdan_dummy_Russia-


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Thanks for the feed back & yes Alex you are correct- 10.67mm!