10.67mm Berdan blue paper patch

Hi everyone, I just obtained a 10.67mm Berdan cartridge with an odd light blue paper patch and I don’t know what it means, I don’t think it’s only oxidation because the colour is very uniform, the case is a normal Russian case made in 1882.

That is a Russian machine gun cartridge for the Gatling.

It is loaded for the Gatling gun.

What exactly is the headstamp? I know of two headstamps.

Sorry 1883.



Tula, 1883, Lot or Month I or III.

Very nice Gorloff cartridges.
The Gatling was known as the
Pulyemyet Gorlovna in Russia.
Gorloff( or ov) was the general who approved the Gun’s adoption.

Doc AV.

Astrid, “II” is the trimester here.

Thanks a lot, just out of curiosity, how much does it cost?

I do not know prices but these are very hard to find.

Also be aware of fakes.

There exists also a carbine load with a red patch but I have never seen an original.

I bought a normal 10.67 Berdan cartridge for 15 euro and I received it, the seller didn’t know what it was or He didn’t notice.

EOD, thanks for the correction.
Doc AV

Gatling-Gorlov gun is of course very good))

The second order of Maxim machine guns for Tsarist Russia was also under Beradan 2 cartridge.


Maybe this cartridge was for Maxim machine gun?
Where did you get the confidence that the blue color of the paper means Gatling-Gorlov gun?
Perhaps this is a series of cartridges with a different type of powder or with a different type of chemical composition of the primer?

Картечница Гатлинга-Горлова - Kartechnitsa Gatlinga-Gorlova - Gatling-Gorlov gun
mitrailleuse - mitraille - grapeshot - картечь - kartech - kartechinitsa - картечница

This is a photograph of the test rifle Berdan №2. 1870 Experienced by her captain Gunius - Kарл Иванович Гуниус (standing) and Colonel Gorlov.