10.67mm Russian Berdan headstamp


Please can someone tell me the meaning of the letters on this 10.75mm Russian Berdan headstamp?

||| 4 8 h

Thanks for any info.


Cartridge factory of St-Petersbourg,
III = september to december
8 4 = 1884
h = producer of the metal « Chikin »


Thanks for that. What was the full name of “Chikin”?


Falcon, the caliber designation is actually 10.67mm.


I do not know any more or I read it !


“Chikin” is “Чикин” in Russian, the letter “h” is probably an inverted “Ч”. May we see the headstamp?


Are you back from the show already ?


Yes, unfortunately I had to leave on Friday, only 5 hours at the show.


You are right that the “h” is an inverted “Ч”. I will post the headstamp later if I have time.