10.75mm Uttendoerffer Marked case


This has been a mystery for about a year since picking it up at a gun show.
H. Uttendoerffer - Nurnberg head stamp
10.75 mm bullet dia.
52mm case length
13.7mm Rim dia.
12.29 mm base dia.
1.06mm rim thickness
projectile is magnetic and hollow pointed RN
5.3mm primer with what appears to be a black sealant
Bullet is crimped but I can’t determine if there is a cannelure. Doesn’t appear to be.
Is this related to any of the Collath cartridges? I have a fairly good library of cartridge books but unable to ID in any of them.


I’d say 10,75 X 52 R Grundig

The Uttendoerffer headstamp is the one commonly found on this cartridge


This sounds and looks like a 10,75x52R Gruendig (Gründig). It is not the same, as the 10,75x52R Springer, which has a small bottleneck. If you search by google, you will find a lot of hits…

Pivi was as quick as usual…during my writing…


Thank You gentelman! I should have used the search engine on this site. A thread originated by Orange on Mar 22, this year asked the same question. Thanks again.