10 MM Equalizer Double Ammo Cutaway

10 MM 230gr Equalizer Double Ammo made by Double Tap Ammo. It has a 135gr jacketed hollow point over a 95gr lead ball. The ball hits less than 1in above the JHP at 10yds, and 2.5in at 25yds. The JHP expands to .62in with 11in penetration in ballistic gell, and the ball expands to .40 with 17in penetration. Only made in the 10mm for now, but according to the company a .357 mag will soon be released. wolf

Interesting to see that the base of the lead ball is flattened slightly from being pressed down into the powder. That must be a very compressed powder load.

All the Double Tap ammo is loaded hot. They must have needed the powder space inside the case, which is why the lead ball has a flat base on it. When I talked to the company, said that they could do a .357 mag, which will be out soon, but can’t do a .38 spl because the case space. It is more of a cut on the bottom, and not flattened slightly from being pressed down. The JHP has a dimple on the bottom where the round part of the lead ball comes in contact with it though. My guess is when that was being pressed down.
Thanks for the extra to cut DKConfiguration, I appologize if I stole your thunder. wolf

No thunder stolen! I can’t section cartridges, and yours are all forum-presentable material. Thanks again!

Here is another photo that Lew had posted in a thread here a few years ago of the Equalizer components:

Excellent! Huge fan of the ‘dead cartridge’ here.

I am a horrid slacker; wolf PM inbound I need to send you some cartridges for sectioning.

It looks like Double Tap has finally gotten around to making the duplex Equalizer pistol cartridges in several calibers other than 10mm auto, which has been around for 10 years. It all happened from May to July when I was too busy to notice, and it looks like they are now doing 9mm, .45acp, .44mag, .41mag, and 454 casull:


This is the first 9mm duplex I’ve seen commercially produced in a couple decades.

There is a video from August talking about the Equalizer ammo from Doubletap, starting at the 2:50 mark of the video (they show a .45acp equalizer taken down): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4y74peZXv0