10 x 100 mm BWA

10 x 100 BWA

New caliber by PBM Ltd. of Malta, doing business as Blackwater Ammunition.

Blackwater_Ammunition_2019_catalog.pdf (5.7 MB)


Is this 10x100 like a .50BMG that is necked-down to a .416 projectile? It looks something like that in the side-by-side photos of their catalog, and .416 is in the 10mm ballpark.

the picture is a photoshop ?
because the case would be very thick (the bullet look very “smaller” than the case neck)
compared to the 50 bmg on the catalog picture

The cartridges was presented at the IWA in March.
The case neck is thicker than the case wall below.

Fede, do you mean the Island of Malta ? With wich machinery ? Who supplied it ?

By the looks of the BWA Facebook they have rather extravagant displays at the arms/sporting goods industry shows.

But where are they marketing their ammunition?
Also is the 10x100mm BWA for sale anywhere?


Javi, yes, the company is based in Malta, but I don’t know the source of their machinery.

@bdgreen The 10x100 was released to the public on January at the SHOW Show 2019, but it doesn’t seem to be available yet. They are also about to introduce a line of pistol cartridges using NAS3 cases made by SST. Also, a similar line of rifle cartridges with a very odd wide extraction groove. Headstamp of the 9x19 is BWA 9MM LUGER +P.





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Blackwater founder Erik Prince, Feb. 13, 2019
"EP: Once the ammunition is made in Malta and Italy, it’s shipped to our distributor in Charlotte, North Carolina, and customers can either order from the website, or there’s a number of dealers who stock the product."

At least that seems to be the plan, for now.


More press release material on the BWA 10x100mm in association with Shot Show 2020: