100,000,000th Oerlikon Cartridge Case - Any info on this?


I have a paperweight, or what I believe is a paperweight, it is a wood block with a 20mm Oerlikon casing bolted to it, headstamp is NOEN 20 M.M. MK. 4 1945. There is an engraved plaque on the front that reads 100,000,000th Oerlikon Cartridge Case Made By Northern Engraving & Mfg. Co.

I will try to get a picture of it up on here soon.

Any information of any kind would be greatly appreciated. I am unsure if this is something highly collectible and valuable, or just an every day sort of find. Thanks.


I don’t believe that this is an everyday sort of thing. While I’m not sure about your NOEN production item (which might be more of a a desk ornament as opposed to a paperweight), I can make a couple of observations about some Canadian milestone/commerative rounds.

There is a card mounted Canadian manufactured .303 celebrating the 1,000,000,000 round made during WWII. How many of these made? I don’t know. They are not unknown, so they were made in some quantity (100? 1000? - I don’t know) but they were personalized (a name was hand written into a signature block) and are very collectible.

At the other end of the scale is this very rare chrome plated 20mm Oerlikon made at Three Rivers (Quebec). My grandfather was the comptroller at the plant and he told me that there were only 8-10 of these presented to the officers of the company, of which he was one. The date is March 17th, 1945. The case is headstamped TR 1945 20 MM MK-II


That is a very nice 20mm round. It is even better that it is part of your family history.


Paul, Not in the same class as your magnificant 20mm, but an interesting memento of the War from DIL, again with the name on the back. Probably made by the 1000s for the workers, but I was still delighted to get it.