100 round box of Winchester

Slowly ammunition is statring too show up again. I picked upa 100 round box of Winchesyter 155grain FMJ (the new flat btip M1152 load thats being made for US military. but this packed in commerical boxes.) Headstamp W M A 21. So made this year - 2021. Box states loaded 10-15% hotter than Commericlal ammunition - use only in Modern Pistols. MV listed at 1320 FPS.
I saw this shape bulet advertised in the USA ready ammo that so far ive only seen in adverstiaments, befor the great pandemic and ammo shortage, Never saw a box on the shelf or online available, Sold out before I could pick up any.
Assuming this ammunition was loaded in Mississippi vs Alton IL. Always keeping my eyes peeled for things.

John - Did you mean to type “115 Grain” for the bullet weight? Or, are they actually making the current military-style bulllet in 155 grain, as typed above?

The warning about pressure and velocity is interesting. Below is pictured a 50-round box for Winchester’s “Service Grade Ammunition,” basically the same cartridge that they are providing to the military. This box is pure commercial, despite its semi-military appearance. It includes the same warning as does your box, in the advice blocks on the back of the box, which are in English and French, which seem to be the norm now on OLIN® boxes. The address on the box pictured is East Alton, Illinois. However, this might just be the standard representing the main offices of Winchester Ammunition. The headstamp in the pictured box is “W M A 1 8” and the round appears to be pure military specs, including the current flat-point FMJ bullet.

Can you post a picture of your 100-round boxes? Winchester has made several 100 round 9 mm containers of different designs.

Thanks for posting.

John Moss

John sorry but yes it’s 115 not 155 grain. Will see if I can take picture of box and post it. Unique box. Never seen this before. Two trays with ammo inside. There are two shops locally that seem to be able to get some ammunition in as opposed to box stores that have none. One store has lots of CCI federal and Speer. It’s been around fifty years and has huge inventory all the time. Carries Ruger and S&W as well as others pustols large selection of rifles shotguns new and used. Maybe not the largest shop anywhere but pretty big. The other shop is fairly new. Must have lot of back orders ammo and other stuff just a guess. I seem to find interesting things at both places.