100 round FN box 7,62x51

I like to show this 100 round box made by FN with 100 ball rounds with steal cases.

headstamp FN 55 nato(symbol)

The Only “Regular” FN Steel cased ammo I have seen…Box is the standard “100 round” Carton style.
Cartridge cases are made by the German “Bonderisation” ( Phosphated steel) process.

The Label , rather than Bi-ligual Flemish-French, seems to be a Dutch contract… I know Flemish and Dutch are very-very similar, but could this be some special Dutch Contract, for their FN-FAL rifles to try out?

And why didn’t FN continue with Steel cases in the 1950s??? Was Brass just too cheap in peacetime? or did they have some issues with Function in Semi and Full Autos? ( the Germans certainly didn’t have any problems in WW II).

One find, more questions!!!

PS, on subsequent reading, “Scherpe patronen” is NOT Dutch ( “Patroon”) so it might be Flemish after all…by why no French descriptors? ( except for Factory ID?

Doc AV

Harry this is a very nice box, I picked up at the next Dutch meeting!
Doc, Flemish and Dutch are the same in writting only in talking it’s differs, I know I’m Flemish, Gyrojet is Dutch.

Doc, they go further with steel cases, I have them from 60 grey-brown lacquered, 61 very dark, 62 copper plated, 64 Black grey, 66 black in ball and short range, 68 galvanishd black, 68 copper plated steel short-range. The finish of the cases is always little or more different. As you find them not that common it seems there are not made on large scale. Only the coppered steel cased blancs of 70 is more common.

Dear Jan, I thought the Dutch for cartridge was “Patroon” ( from Dutch labels of 6,5x53R etc and texts) whilst the German was “Patronen” or “Patrone”.

A lot of Flemish words derive from across the Rhine (Germany) rather than from the Netherlands ( even though For the “Germanic” Populations of “the Cockpit of Europe” the words are mutually intelligible. ( except for the Walloons-French)

“Met Stalen Huls” is more Dutch/Flemish than German (“mit Stahlen Hulsen”).

So,any definitive statement on the language used?
It may be directive in finding “who used” the cartridges.

Doc AV

Think it is time depending what was written on the box label.

Scherpe Patronen
Patronen Scherp
Patronen Scherpe

Some examples of Dutch Boxes.

Sometimes there is also written Patroon Scherp.

The word Patroon (Dutch) Patrone (German is differend. (one cartridge)
The word “Patronen” is in Dutch the same as German. (more than one)

All done to confuse the cartridge collectors. -:)


Dutch for a 7,9 collector you have some nice Dutch boxes…

It’s all double-dutch to me…But thanks for the clarification.
SO the FN packet is Dutch after all!

Doc AV