1000 members on forum list now!

Congratulations everyone! We now have over 1,000 people registered to use this great forum.

Many thanks to Chris B for his expertise in setting it up, and for those who help as moderators.

And, especially to those people who post such interesting topics and responses. All of us have learned from this great opportunity to exchange information.

Just as one small example, the museum I volunteer at needed help in identifying a WW1 projectile which had been donated. Within a few hours people around the world had provided not only a positive ID, but also great historical background, and even scans of pages from the manual on this item.


See you at SLICS!

Great John 1.000 people registered !! Up to 2.000

I very much appreciate the forum - its an enjoyable part of my daily routine. I am especially impressed with the quick turnaround time in getting answers to questions from knowledgable contributors from all over the world. I believe the internet will save our hobby from the steady decline in numbers in the recent past that was the result of a rather stagnant pool (I probably could have worded that better, but I am included in that pool) of aging collectors who were slowly dying off. The increasing number of cartridge collecting sites accessible via the internet continually introduces the hobby to others (both young and old) who have an interest in ammunition, many of whom were probably not aware that anyone else shared this rather peculiar interest. In addition to bolstering our numbers, the 24-7 international exposure that the internet provides for our hobby will result in an exponential increase in new information that becomes available regarding the cartridges we collect, as well as the enjoyment each of us gets from asembling and sharing our collections. Here’s to 1000 registered members of the forum, and may there be 2000 this time next year.