105 mm AP



I just like to show this 105 mm armor piercing from my collection, as I remember it’s from a leopard 1,
picked up many years ago in Oksbøl Denmark.




Am I correct in assuming this is the AP core from a 105mm discarding sabot projectile?



It does not look like.
The best I can find is a 84x618R (20pdr) APDS MK4.
Does it have a shallow rounded cavity in the base?

Dane as you know these were used in Oksbøl too as were plenty of other items which were trialed at this range.


Keep in mind there were HVAP projectiles which were full caliber (no discarding sabots) and had cores like the one shown in a relatively light projectile body. I thought I had a list of the 105 mm DM …3 numbers somewhere, but cannot find it.


@ bdgreen: Here is another image of the projectile, you can see what happened to it, when it impact with the sand dunes.

@EOD: yes I know that there is used very much different ammunition in Oksbøl, I used to work with Leopard 1a5 and 2a5. I may remember incorrectly, but as I remember this projectile is from the Leopard 1, the one for Centurion looks a little different, the nose is a little different.

@JPeelen: it will be interesting for me if you can find your list.


Forgot the image of the bottom.



Dane, the 20pdr (84mm) diagram here may help.


I believe that you are right about that :-)
Denmark used the Centurion tank, first 84mm and later 105mm, I will try to get hold in one of the olde teacher from HKS, the must be able to confirm that is is from a 84mm projectile


Chances are high :-)


Now I believe, that there is no doubt anymore :-)

Here is a image of some fragments of another type, as the diameter is a little bit bigger. The diameter is 43,8 mm


Identifying cores (any) is not that easy without factory diagrams as military documents almost never are giving the core diameters.
The 84mm here I happened to ID after a lengthy search since I do have the same one for a paper weight.
The other way would be to find a more or less complete i.e. identifyable projectile and make conclusions from that.
And ranges where non standard items are getting tested (like your’s) make it even more difficult.


I found the AP model list for the Leopard, but the first armour-piercing round (identified by the “1” in DM13) already was a discarding sabot type, not the HVAP like the 90 mm US M304 I had in mind.

105 mm x 617

HVAP-DS 1473 m/s
projectile: 5.84 kg, in flight 4.02 kg (of which the core was 2.73 kg)

APFSDS-T 1450 m/s
projectile: 6.275 kg, in flight 4.2 kg

1433 m/s
projectile 6.28 kg, in flight 4.04 kg

British readers will be delighted to learn that Bundeswehr tanks also had a 105 mm HESH projectile:
731 m/s HEP projectile 11.250 kg with an HE charge of 2.993 kg


Jochem, the full caliber HVAP were experimental US developments to my understanding.

Here 2 variants of the 105mm DS. British and US types when I am right.
Images are from other forums.

105mm_APDS-T_England or USA or-


FWIW there is an excellent photo of sectioned 120mm L11, 105mm L7, 20PR, 17PR and 2PR Littlejohn APDS projectiles here: http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/98145-Beautiful-British-Sections


Thanks a lot gents for all information :-) interesting information :-)
yes, in Oksbøl they shoot with many different type of ammunition.

The core in the last picture looks like the other one I thought of,
I will see if I can find some information about it, I do not have a core myself.