105 mm cartridge case - Identification

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Welcome here Ares!
I doubt it is a 105mm (likelier 100mm). What is the exact case length?

Made in the USSR (Orsk Mechanical Factory) in 1966.

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Why is Ares’ post hidden now?
There was nothing wrong with it.


Ok, what is the case length?
Or just give us a side view.

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I am waiting for the height measurement value.

Ok, no need to wait. This is the 100mm case for the BS-3 field gun, KS-19 AA gun and D-10 tank gun.


Here some rounds for the D-10 tank gun:

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Wow! Amazed. 👍 Thx!
Did you figure it out from the headstamps?
What do they mean?

The side view of the case with your 105mm-info was enough to ID the caliber.

The headstamp is telling the factory code #257 (at 3h pos.) and the 66 (at 9h pos.) is the year.

Nothing special in that.

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Thanks for your kind help, much appreciated!