105mm 115B1 speciation

Hi all, my first post here so bear with me.
I have an empty 105mm m115B1 casing. What I want to do is set this up as a display piece. So my intention is to make the sabot and rod (projectile), out of wood or another meterial and paint it.
Does anyone have any pictures and dimensions of the round? Or, does a one know of a source that sells these as surplus.

Hi Ken,

The M115B1 case was used with several projectiles: TP-T M392A1, APDS-T M392A2, APERS-T M494, TPDS-T M724A1, APDS-T M728, and for sure a lot of other types i’ve forgotten…

I guess you’d better decide first what kind of projectile you want ;-)


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To help you decide on what you might want to do I would recommend the IAA Journal article “US Tank-fired APFSDS-T Ammunition, Part One - 105mm” by Jason Abels, Issue 464, Nov/Dec 2008; pages 4 - 9. This is a very good overview of the various types of APFSDS projectiles developed and used by the US. If you don’t have this a digital copy can be purchased here: cartridgecollectors.org/?page=pa … AA-journal.