105mm Blank M395

Who made this M395 Howitzer Blank?
Brass case 152mm long with traces of sealant 35mm down from the case mouth.
Is it Canadian and who is CAQ?

As for CAQ I have “MACHINE CAST INC.” in Huntsville, Alabama.

i have it in my list as:

Pre 1986 : Canadian Arsenals Ltd., Quebec, Canada.

post 1986: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems - Canada, Inc., Canada (formerly SNC Technologies Inc.).
In 1986 they purchased the Canadian Arsenals Ltd. and inherited the “CAQ” identification symbol.

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Orpheus, thanks!
Just to clarify; do you know when it became GD?
Or was that in 1986 and CAQ and SNC Technologies were the same?

As far as i read it correctly, SNC and CAQ were the same in 1986.

I wrote this info down a few weeks ago when reading a previous post by Wilmorth on a 105mm L35A3 case (where you and Fede participated)

Ok, so if possible we need to figure when the original CAQ became SNC.

The manufacturer of this case is SNC Technologies Inc. They purchased the Canadian Arsenals in 1986, when this company was designated SNC Defence Products Ltd. In 2007, it was adcquired by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems - Canada, Inc.

Also, note that this is not a US lot number. US contract cases use symbol “SDP” and a different lot numbering system.



How is it that there could possibly be 2 manufacturers using the same symbol CAQ?
The MIL-HDBK-1461A (1998) lists CAQ as Machine Cast Inc. Huntsville Al.
No mention of General Dynamics being a Canadian company & no symbol for them as CAQ. SNC is listed as SDP manufacturer code!
Can anyone make this a bit clearer please?
Regards Ozzi.

Hi Ozzi, this case is identified using a Canadian lot number configuration, which means it doesn’t follow the US lot numbering and manufacturer’s symbol identification system (when SNC manufactured a case for the US they used symbol SDP). Same manufacturer but different symbols, because “CAQ” was already assigned to a different company.



G-Day Fede, thanks for making it a bit clearer. So is there 2 supplier lists, 1 for Canada & 1 for the US? Looks like it would be easy to get confused when ammo is encountered in the same country with 2 of the same manufacturers codes. Is this the only way to tell the difference, being the differing lot numbering system?
Regards Ozzi.

Yes, the lot number configuration is the main difference, but keep in mind that the contractor could be any other country besides Canada and USA, which means yet another lot configuration and, in some cases, a new manufacturer’s symbol as well.

Thank you Fede, that makes things easier to work out.
Have you got an example of a US Lot & Manufacturer to compare to the Canadian 1 please?
Regards Ozzi.

Here is an interesting example of a M15 case made in 2003 for the USAF AC-130’s that shows a US lot number configuration and symbol “SDP”. An odd feature of this cartridge is that it was loaded with a HE shell made by JAAP in 1975 and they kept the original lot number using the old system.

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Thank you Fede. Regards Ozzi.