105mm HE dimensions


Does anyone have a drawing of a 105mm HE shell with dimensions? I’ve not been able to find anything online. The one that did look promising was a mislabeled 122mm.


Darren, you are talking of a howitzer projectile or something else?

Here the M1 HE for the howitzer:

Howitzer - perfect. Thank you.

I have an empty case and it is extremely unlikely that I will find a real projectile for it. So, I will print one.

3D model done. I will print it in four pieces and they will all screw together.



That’s a quick modelling job! Please share the end result too.

Thanks tennsats,

The modelling part is the easy part. I draw one half of the projectile and fuse, add in the break points and then rotate the drawing 360° around the centre line. Add a few chamfers and threads and all done.

Printing, sanding and painting will be what takes the time.

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I am curious how the result will look. Please show us later.

The fuze you may want to replicate is the M48. Maybe you can adjust the details to fit this one:

As for the paint job there shall be plenty of reference images in the web.

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Thanks EOD, I’ll revise my drawing.

Throwing the paint on won’t be difficult but I will need to think about how I do the stencilling.

Updated model with the M48 fuse as suggested by EOD. Also did a render of what it may look like once finished (minus the markings).


Looks good! Maybe you can look at the coloring or the shells in the internet images. They are more olive green (dull or silky).

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Thanks EOD - I’m limited to the ‘stock’ colours and textures in the software and I cannot be bothered making my own just for rendering the model. I’m going to paint it OD green once it is printed. However, I have a batch of other prints in the que.

No worries.
Anything ammo related would be great to see once you have it done. Just for curiosity.

Just to have it said, when you have access to someone with a lathe you may get the driving band turned as a ring and omitt the space in your print and then install it so the projectile will look like an original - just much lighter.

I’ll definitely post some pics once it is done.

edited my posting above

Fortunately, I have a lathe and a mill and had thought about turning up a drive band, as I have done these for 20mm - 30mm rounds. However, a friend of mine found some copper paint which not only looks good but tarnishes with age. I’ve always been a bit sceptical of ‘metal’ paints but I was really surprised with the results. They are graffiti paints made by Montana Colors.

In fact, I had initially thought about machining up a projectile using heavy walled tube but it is simply too much effort. Large projectiles are hard to find here and expensive when you do, so depending on interest, I may print up more and sell them. There are a lot of empty 105mm Howitzer cases sitting in houses…

I’ll have to look into flexible filament, so I can print wrap-around stencils.

OK - projectile printed in low res, as it is going to get a spray of high build primer, sanded and then painted. I still have the fuse to print but I’m happy so far.



Update: Projectile has been primed and painted but I still need to paint the fuse. I’ve also printed up a fuse for my 40mm Bofors. It too needs a coat of paint.

20180901_190651 20180831_162840


Well done!!!

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That really looks good Mayhem.

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